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Data Exchange Layer X-Road

X-Road, the data exchange layer for information systems, is a technological and organizational environment enabling a secure Internet-based data exchange between information systems.

X-Road employs a versatile security solution: authentication, multilevel authorization, a high-level log processing system, encrypted and time-stamped data traffic.

Information regarding the X-Road members and the services they provide is available via the Administration System for the State Information System (RIHA). An overview of X-Road activities is available at X-Road statistics.

Public and private sector enterprises and institutions can connect their information system with X-Road. Joining the X-Road enables institutions to save resources, since a cooperative and secure data exchange layer already exists with all the other X-Road members. Data exchange between all the members of the X-Road ecosystem is significantly more efficient.

Indirectly, X-Road also enables citizens and officials to operate via different portals and applications (document management systems, institutional information systems) in a more efficient and flexible manner. For example, it helps checking for relevant information in national databases or securely exchange documents with institutions.

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How to be up to date with X-Road information?

Members of X-Road are notified by e-mail on the address specified in RIHA. If the previous notifications have not reached the right people, we advise updating the contact details in RIHA.

If you wish to receive personal notifications by e-mail, please join the X-Road community mailing list.

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Added 13.02.2006
Updated 20.09.2016

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