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Administration system for the state information system RIHA

Administration system for the state information system RIHA contains the descriptions of state information systems and data. The same environment is used by the RIHA coordinators to check whether the information systems comply with the requirements.

RIHA is used for registering the information systems of the state, local governments or other legal persons governed by public law or persons governed by private law performing public functions. In addition, XML assets are also registered in RIHA.

The objectives of RIHA:

  • keeping records of the state information system;
  • helping to assess the compliance with the requirements of the state information system.


  • publishes current summaries of the state information system (data, parties);
  • helps to assess the compliance with the requirements of the state information system;
  • provides a convenient communication channel for the owners and evaluators of information systems.

The website of RIHA displayed on a monitor screen.

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    RIHA website is only in Estonian

State information system catalogue

RIHA provides information on:

  • which information systems constitute the state information system;
  • what kinds of data and in which information systems are collected and processed;
  • who are the owners and contact persons of the information systems;
  • what are the legal bases for maintaining the information systems and processing data;
  • what are the reusable components of information systems that ensure interoperability (XML assets).

Procedural and administrative environment

RIHA is a procedural and administrative environment for the following:

  • the establishment, use, modification, and termination of information systems and databases;
  • XML assets.


RIHAKE is a data governance component that is installed at state institutions, which enables conducting the following actions pursuant to the data standard:

  • describe the data of state authorities;
  • describe the classifiers and lists used in the data;
  • compile data and business dictionaries;
  • forward data descriptions to RIHA.

A deployment package of RIHAKE is going to be published soon.

Last modified: 13.05.2022

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