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Introduction and structure

We lead the development of national IT systems and ensure national cybersecurity with our partners. We are committed to ensuring the smooth and sustainable operation of a secure e-state.

We manage and protect the state Internet network and ensure secure e-elections. We aim for a sustainable digital identity of Estonia and its wide use around the world.

By managing the State Portal, we deliver citizens important information regarding the state.

The reliability and development of the digital state depend on us. We increase confidence in the state and its services.

Information System Authority is within the administrative area of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.


The digital state of Estonia is functional, sustainable, and always reachable.


Together, we are building, managing, and defending the best digital state in the world.



The Estonian Information System Authority has developed as a result of the reorganisation and merger of several institutions.

Over the years, the Estonian Informatics Fund, established in 1990 in the jurisdiction of the Government Office, has become a governmental authority in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

1990 – In December, the Estonian Informatics Fund (EIF) was formed under the administration of the Government Office as a working body of the Estonian Informatics Council, which was established a year earlier.

1993 – In March, the Department of State Information Systems (RISO), whose main partner would be the Estonian Informatics Fund, was established under the Government Office.

1996 – The Estonian Informatics Fund was reorganised into the Estonian Informatics Centre (EIK), a state authority administered by the Government Office. The Estonian Informatics Council was reorganised into a government advisory commission and its functions were changed.

2000 – The Department of State Information Systems of the Ministry of Transport and Communications was established.

2001 – The Estonian Informatics Centre was transferred into the jurisdiction of Ministry of Transport and Communication.

2003 – In May, the Estonian Informatics Centre was established by the merger of the Public Procurement Centre and the Estonian Informatics Centre.

1 June 2011 – The Estonian Informatics Centre became the Estonian Information System Authority (RIA).

Last modified: 25.03.2022

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