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Contact information

Information System Authority

Pärnu maantee 139a, Tallinn 15169 Estonia
Phone: +372 663 0200
Fax: +372 663 0201
e-mail: ria at ria dot ee

About the location and parking

To visit the Information System Authority, please take an identity document with you. More information

  Name Phone E-mail
Director General Taimar Peterkop +372 666 8818 taimar dot peterkop at ria dot ee
Director of Information System Andrus Kaarelson +372 663 0232 andrus dot kaarelson at ria dot ee
Director of Cyber Security,
Head of Cyber Security Branch
Uku Särekanno +372 666 8811 uku dot sarekanno at ria dot ee
Director of Administration Janne Tomberg +372 666 8879 janne dot tomberg at ria dot ee
Head of International Relations Gert Auväärt
+372 666 8810 gert dot auvaart at ria dot ee
Communication Department – press contact
Head of Department,
Communications Manager
Helen Uldrich +372 663 0233;
+372 516 5258
helen dot uldrich at ria dot eepress at ria dot ee
Structural Funds Department
Head of Department Jaak Liivik +372 663 0215 jaak dot liivik at ria dot ee
EU structural funds support scheme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society"
Support Scheme Manager Piret Aro +372 663 0298 piret dot aro at ria dot ee
Infrastructure Department
Head of Department Tarmo Hanga +372 663 0219 tarmo dot hanga at ria dot ee
Service Management Department
Head of Department Anneli Touart +372 663 0280 anneli dot touart at ria dot ee
Helpdesk Section
Head of Helpdesk Janika Viesemann-Hiiepuu +372 663 0230 help at ria dot ee
Architecture Department
Head of Department Ott Köstner +372 666 8821 ott dot kostner at ria dot ee
Project Management Department
Head of Department      
Incident Response Department
Head of Department Klaid Mägi +372 663 0243 klaid dot magi at ria dot ee
Critical Service Security (CIIP) Department
Head of Department      
Security Research and Development Department
Head of Department Kaur Virunurm +372 666 8849 kaur dot virunurm at ria dot ee
Regulatory Supervision Department
Head of Department      


How do we store and use your personal data when you have visited us?

The visitors entering the premises of the Information System Authority are first greeted by the office assistant working in the guest area, who is entitled to ask for your identity document.

At the front desk, the office assistant registers all visitors in an electronic data processing system. For this purpose, the visitor shall present an identity document (identity card, passport, or driving licence of an Estonian citizen or a citizen of a foreign state) to the office assistant. The data entered into the data processing system includes your name, personal identification code, the photo or facial image on your identity document, name of the country that issued the identity document.

You are allowed into the rooms of the Authority only when accompanied by an employee of the Authority. The rooms, building, and its surroundings are under 24-hour video surveillance. The personal data entered into the data processing system and received by means of a video recording are processed for the purpose of protecting the security and assets of the employees and visitors of the Information System Authority.

Added 10.05.2006
Updated 22.01.2018

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