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Information System Authority (RIA)

Pärnu maantee 139a,
15169 Tallinn, Estonia


Telephone calls will be recorded for quality assurance.


  • Registry code: 70006317


Location and address

Map: Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet, Pärnu maantee 139a, Tallinn, Estonia
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The building where RIAs office is located
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Customer Support

Phone: +372 666 8888
Working hours: 8.30 a.m. – 5 p.m. on working days
Website for assistance with ID: »
Email: help [at]

Phone calls will be recorded to ensure a higher quality of service.

For authorities and companies

Reporting a cyber incident

Phone (24/7): +372 663 0299
Email: cert [at]
Environment for reporting cyber incidents »


Failures in the state network

Phone (24/7): +372 663 0299


Using ISKE and E-ITS

Phone: +372 666 8847
Email: standard [at]



The email address form for the Information System Authority's employees is: forename.surname [at] In the names, the letters are replaced as follows: ä = a; õ and ö = o; ü = u; š = s. If there is a hyphen in the name, it is also used in the email address. If a person has two forenames without a hyphen, their email address will be: forenameforename.surname [at]


Name Position Telephone
Margus Noormaa Director General 6630211
Gert Auväärt Director of Cyber Security 6668811
Joonas Heiter Director of State Information System 6630234
Piret Urb Head of International Relations 6668810

Administrative Department

Name Position Telephone
Margus Reitalu Head of Department
Urve Pastarus Head of Quality Management
Ruti Kerro Process Manager
Urmo Luts Product Owner
Riina Hämarsalu Office Management Specialist
Veronika Laasi Office Management Specialist
Kristel Kaasik Document Management Chief Specialist 6630209
Eva Kajasalu Head of Finance
Triin Reimand Financial Specialist
Pille-Riina Aadamsoo Financial Specialist
Kaire Aunbaum Financial Specialist
Kertu Lipand Head of Procurement
Kairi Tammik Advisor 6630237
Janika Jakovleva Procurement Specialist 6630253
Piret Aro Support Scheme Manager 6630298
Airi Aljas Support Scheme Project Manager 6630295
Maiken-Maarja Viilol Support Scheme Project Manager

Communication Department

Name Position Telephone
Helen Uldrich Head of Department 5165258
Seiko Kuik Press Officer 58517028
Nelli Pello Communications Specialist 58066828
Mailiis Andresson Communications Specialist

Human Resources Department

Name Position Telephone
Mari-Liis Suurpalu Head of Human Resources
Kristiina Traumann Human Resource Specialist
Riina Nellis Human Resource Specialist
Gerda Reeder Human Resource Specialist

Legal Department

Information Security Department

Name Position Telephone
Martin Paas Head of Department

Machine Learning and Language Technology Department

Name Position Telephone
Kaupo Laagriküll Head of Department 6630274

Special Projects Department

Name Position Telephone
Andrus Kroon Head of Department 6668855

State Information System Branch

Name Position Telephone
Joonas Heiter Director of State Information System 6630234
Tarmo Hanga Chief IT Architect 6630219

State Data Exchange Department

Name Position Telephone
Riho Kerge Head of Department
Eero Vegmann Information Analyst 6630282
Vitali Stupin Architect
Taavi Meinberg Product Owner 6668888
Piret Pärna Product Owner
Jan Raik Service Manager 6668888
Kristjan Kruus Service Manager 6668888
Martin Grünberg Service Manager 6668888
Siim-Sander Virula Service Manager 6668888
Illar Jürgenson Service Manager
Karina Kasemaa Product Owner
Kristjan Karu Software Deployment Engineer
Meelis Sääsk Product Owner
Taavi Ploompuu Product Owner

Electronic Identity Department

Name Position Telephone
Martin Lambing Head of Department
Mark Erlich Business Architect 6630294
Tõnis Reimo Product Owner
Fred Endrekson Analyst
Andrei Kargin Product Owner 6630261
Helen Raamat Product Owner
Ian Mario Naska Product Owner 6630286
Svetlana Kozlovskaja Product Owner
Keno Kaasiksoo Project Manager
Kristel Merilain Product Owner 6668888
Silvia Lips Expert
Martin-Allan Jalakas Software Deployment Engineer
Martin Sildever Software Deployment Engineer
Kristjan Vaikla Service Manager
Sven Püümann Service Manager 6668888
Piret Elm Project Manager 6630263
Katrin Kivi Project Manager 6630292
Ülle Kroon Project Manager
Martina Võrklaev Project Manager
Tarmo Nurmela chief customer support specialist 6668888
Märt Hirtentreu Senior Customer Support Specialist 6668888
Mart Lindma Service Manager

Customer Experience and Service Department

Name Position Telephone
Aires Padar Head of Department

State Portal Department

Name Position Telephone
Kaisi Udumäe Head of Department
Anneli Asser Software Deployment Engineer
Raidar Kivistik developer
Janar Nagel Architect
Sigrid Kontus IT Analyst
Polina Dvinskihh Product Owner 58048641
Õie-Mari Aasmäe Product Owner
Margit Laiksoo Service Manager 6668888
Ott Keerd Service Manager
Kelly Arro Project Manager
Mari Ader Project Manager
Andero Kauri Pinka Data Analyst
Henri Külm Product Designer
Killu Kaareste

State Network Department

Name Position Telephone
Ahto-Ain Sööt Head of Department

Proactive Government Services Department

Name Position Telephone
Stanislav Derišev Head of Department
Tanel Tsirgu Product Owner
Triin Gailan IT Analyst
Peeter Madisson Architect
Marek Jõela Architect
Timo Anis Product Owner
Kai Kallas Product Owner
Reimo Nõgu Product Owner
Indrek Pärt Service Manager
Kairit Ladvig Project Manager
Kristjan Kiisk Software Deployment Engineer

Technology Department

Name Position Telephone
Margus Parts Head of Department

Elections Infosystems Development Department

Name Position Telephone
Alo Einla Head of Department
Andre Eli QA Engineer
Egert Anni Software Deployment Engineer
Tõnis Lepik Product Owner

Cyber Security Branch

Name Position Telephone
Gert Auväärt Director of Cyber Security 6668811
Erkki Leego Director of EU CyberNet
Lauri Aasmann Training and Services Lead of EU CyberNet
Kristo Põllu Institutional Lead of EU CybeNet
Silja-Madli Ossip Community Lead of EU CyberNet
Liina Areng Regional Programme Lead of EU CyberNet
Kristiina Ramat Assistant of EU CyberNet
Merili Soosalu Cyber4Dev Project Lead
Martin Indrek Miller Cyber4Dev Policy Officer
César Moline Rodríguez LAC4 Policy Expert
Adalberto Polanco Herrán LAC4 Technical Expert
Toomas Mölder Technical Lead of EU CyberNet

Analysis and Prevention Department

Name Position Telephone
Märt Hiietamm Head of Department 6668871
Marju Hendre Chief Analyst
Margo Kokerov Chief Analyst
Ege Tamm Chief Analyst
Dorel Albin Analyst
Kaisa Vooremäe Analyst
Reiko Lill Analyst

Supervision Department

Name Position Telephone
Ilmar Toom Head of Department 6668847

Incident Response Department

Name Position Telephone
Tõnu Tammer Head of Department 6630243

Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Department

Name Position Telephone
Raimo Peterson Head of Department

Information Security Standards Department

Name Position Telephone
Rain Ojastu Head of Department

R&D Coordination Department

Name Position Telephone
Lauri Tankler Head of Department