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Information System Authority

The Information System Authority (RIA) coordinates the development and administration of the state’s information system, organises activities related to information security, and handles the security incidents that have occurred in Estonian computer networks. RIA advises the providers of public services on how to manage their information systems as per requirements and monitors them. In addition, RIA is an implementing entity of the structural assistance of the European Union.

The Information System Authority (RIA) is a governmental organisation established in 2011. RIA is operating in the administrative area of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

The main duties of RIA:

  • Executing supervision over information systems used to provide vital services and the implementation of the security measures of the information assets related to them.
  • Organising activities related to the state’s information system and the information security of the Estonian critical information infrastructure.
  • Handling the security incidents that occur in Estonian computer networks.
  • Executing supervision over the fulfilment of the requirements arising from legislation that regulates the administration of the state’s information system.
  • Maintaining the administration system for the state’s information system.
  • Maintaining X-Road, the data exchange layer of the state’s information system (development and administration).
  • Coordinating the functioning of the public key infrastructure.
  • Coordinating the development projects of the state’s information system, preparing international projects and participating in them.
  • Maintaining the state portal eesti.ee.
  • Serving as the implementing entity of European Union structural assistance.
  • Organising basic infrastructure and data communication.
  • Participating in the development of the legislation, policies, strategies and development plans regulating its area of activity.

Activities of RIA

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