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Data Exchange Layer X-Road

The X-Road was launched in 2001. The data exchange layer X-Road is a technical and organisational environment, which enables secure Internet-based data exchange between the state’s information systems.

The X-Road is not only a technical solution — pursuant to the Public Information Act, the exchange of data with the databases belonging to the state information system and between the databases belonging to the state information system shall be carried out through the data exchange layer of the state information system. The X-Road allows institutions/people to securely exchange data as well as to ensure people’s access to the data maintained and processed in state databases.

Public and private sector enterprises and institutions can connect their information system with the X-Road. This enables them to use X-Road services in their own electronic environment or offer their e-services via the X-Road. Joining the X-Road enables institutions to save resources, since the data exchange layer already exists. This makes data exchange more effective both inside the state institutions as well as regarding the communication between a citizen and the state.

Additionally, the X-Road enables public enquiries, e.g. forwarding insurance data to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. In order to use the services, the end users must first authenticate themselves with an ID card or via an Internet bank. The entrepreneur’s right of representation is authenticated on the basis of the data of the Commercial Register.

In case of citizens, the X-Road enables using the services of the X-Road via different portals. That includes making enquiries from state databases and to control the information related to the person himself/herself.

Officials can use the services intended for them (for instance document exchange centre) in the information systems of their own institutions. This facilitates the officials’ work, since it avoids the labour-consuming processing of paper documents, large-scale data entry and data verification. Communication with other officials, entrepreneurs and citizens is faster and more accurate.

X-Road overviews and presentations

Technical documentation for X-Road member

Usage of X-road services over the years:

Millions of requests per year: 0.6 in 2003; 7.8 in 2004; 13.5 in 2005; 29.7 in 2006; 42.7 in 2007; 74.0 in 2008; 98.1 in 2009; 218.9 in 2010; 227.1 in 2011; 254.1 in 2012; 287.2 in 2013 (estimated)

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Added 13.02.2006
Updated 17.12.2013

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