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The X-Road network or trust federation

A figure depicting the trust federation. First, the X-Road centres in different states must conclude a high-level agreement. If two members of X-Road centres from different states wish to exchange data, they need to conclude a data usage agreement.

What is the X-Road federation?

The X-Road federation is the capability of X-Road to provide secure Internet-based data exchange across ecosystems (states) to members that belong in different ecosystems.

The X-Road federation is a situation, where there are similar X-Road environments in different states (or other organizations). Every X-Road environment is managed by a competent organization (centre) that defines the applied security policy and manages the information of its ecosystem members.

For cross-border data services to exist, the X-Road centres need to conclude a federation agreement that entails the description of organizational and legal liabilities between the centres of different states.

X-Road members that have joined the X-Road environment in their state (centre) are able to exchange data (cross-border e-services) with the X-Road members in other states.

How does federation occur?

Federation of X-Roads occurs upon concluding the relevant agreement. The prerequisite for concluding a federation agreement is mutual review of the conditions for X-Road operation:

  • requirements for trust services;
  • information security requirements to X-Road members;
  • the maintenance requirements for the X-Road centre;
  • organization of the X-Road monitoring;
  • technical characteristics of the X-Road.

Relevant conditions for the Estonian X-Road are described along with the conditions for the X-Road production environment.

Trust Federation with Finnish Palveluväylä

A trust federation agreement has been signed between Estonian X-tee and Finnish Palveluväylä. It has been signed as a contract and technically implemented between all environments (ee-dev and fi-dev, ee-test and fi-test, EE and FI).

Trust federation is signed as the following set of documents:

  • Main contract: RIA_VRK_Trust_federation_Agreement.docx
  • Schedule of implementation: Trust_Federation_Appendix_1_Scedule.docx
  • Related regulation: Trust_Federation_Appendix_2_Regulation.docx
  • SLA: Trust_Federation_Appendix_3_SLA.docx
  • Responsibilities of Governing Authorities: Trust_Federation_Appendix_4_Responsibilities.docx
  • Download the documents (.zip, 284 KB)

More information for creation of cross-border services can be found from The X-Road application guide: "Trust Federation with Finland" (in Estonian).

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