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X-Road instructions

Version 6 instructions

X-Road usage recommendations:

Latest software versions:

  • Official version 6.18.0
    Repository: deb http://x-tee.ee/packages/live/xroad trusty main
  • Test version 6.18.0
    Repository: deb https://x-tee.ee/packages/test/xroad/ trusty main
  • Change Log

Component instructions:

For the purposes of development works or in the case of new joiners, it may be appropriate to use the security version without the transition version (not compatible with v5):

Security server software

The compiled software optimized for using in Estonian environments, in the best compliance with instructions, is referred to in the above-mentioned installation guides.

In cooperation with the Finnish Population Register Centre (Palveluväylä keskus), the X-Road source code and documentation are published on GitHub.

European Union Regional Development Fund

Version 5 instructions

NB! X-tee version 5 is deprecated, it is not actively developed, maintained and supported.

Latest software versions:

  • Official version 5.45 (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
    Repository: deb http://x-road.ee/packages trusty main
  • Test version 5.45 (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
    Repository: deb http://x-road.ee/.test/packages trusty main

Server instructions:

Monitoring instructions:


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Added 01.03.2016
Updated 22.06.2018

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