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X-Road cooperation

Cooperation for trust service providers

In order for the X-Road to operate, the X-Road member needs to use trust services: certification service, certification validity confirmation service and time-stamping service. To facilitate joining for the members, the most popular trust service providers, used by the X-Road members, are described in the X-Road centre.

All trust service providers have an opportunity to check the compliance of their services with the X-Road requirements, by sending an application to RIA for describing its trust service in X-Road. These requirements are specified along with the Estonian X-Road regulation.

The trust service providers described up to now include:

  • The time-stamp service: SK ID Solutions AS;
  • The certification and validity confirmation service: SK ID Solutions AS.

Please send information concerning the applicability of trust service providers at help at ria dot ee.

Cooperation with manufacturers/suppliers of secure signature-creation devices

In order for the X-Road to operate, all members must use secure signing tools. The appropriate e-stamp certificate must be issued only to a secure signature-creation device. The X-Road security server communicates with the signature-creation devices, using a PKCS#11 library.

We offer cooperation to the manufacturers and suppliers of signature-creation devices, in order to spread information and directions on the following topics:

  • Conduct manufacturer’s/supplier’s tests (in Estonian), in order to check the compatibility of devices with the X-Road components, and to identify their performance indicators;
  • Organize information days to the X-Road members to introduce the X-Road requirements and signature-creation devices.

Please send specific suggestions concerning cooperation in connection with the X-Road and signature-creation devices at help at ria dot ee.

Cooperation with research institutions

X-Road mediates millions of messages between hundreds of members on a daily basis. Measurement of the impacts of X-Road, and prediction and identification of changes occurring in the ecosystem are complicated tasks we recommend to carry out in cooperation with research institutions.

Please send your cooperation proposals at help at ria dot ee.

Cooperation with Finland

RIA has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Finnish Population Register Centre (VRK) for the common development of the X-Road technology. As a result of cooperation:

On 18.11.2015, the Palveluväylä (Finnish instance of X-Road) was launched

Please send any questions concerning the Finnish environment to palveluvayla at palveluvayla dot fi.

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