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X-Road community

The community created in 2013 meets twice a year, discusses issues related to the X-Road, and seeks for solutions to these issues. The community includes developers, administrators and business process managers that wish to be involved in the development of X-Road.

The objectives of the community are:

  • to share experiences and best practices in introducing the X-Road and (web) services;
  • to harmonize the knowledge level of the X-Road members;
  • represent the X-Road members in communication with the X-Road centre;
  • to share information and issues with other communities.

If you wish to join the community, please contact and join the mailing list ee.community@x-road.eu on the website .

Community channels:

  • Mailing list (for mainly Estonian speakers) ee.community@x-road.eu. Sign up.
  • Community portal (components, examples etc)

Meeting materials

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Added 29.02.2016
Updated 28.02.2017

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