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World record in digital signing

On May 22, a national awareness campaign for the ID card begins. This campaign will bring about a new world record: as many digital signatures to a single document as possible.

According to Riho Oks, Adviser at the Estonian Informatics Centre, digital signature is a unique solution in the entire world. „We are planning to set a world record in gathering digital signatures, and we will also present the record to the Guinness world records team for approval – if all goes well, then the participants can have their name entered in the Guinness Book of Records.“

Oks adds: „As the Estonian "Teeme ära!" ("Let's do it!") campaign gave Latvians and Lithuanians a reason to clean up their own forests too, so why not give them another goal – implement the digital signature there.“

The organisers of the campaign are involving all Estonians in this activity and they have set their goal on gathering at least 50,000 digital signatures. The campaign encourages all Estonians to make the first steps in secure use of the e-services and in using the digital signature. The ID card guarantees that the signature given by a person is falsification-proof and legally equal to the signature given by hand.

The campaign starts on May 22 and runs until the end of June. The world record can be attempted at the website www.id.ee/rekord The same website allows for voting and provides information about the ID card, also in the English and Russian languages.

If a person has not yet used his or her ID card electronically, then the record campaign gives several different opportunities to do so. There are information boxes in several Hansapank service halls, where educators help the future record owners in giving their digital signature and provide advice in questions related to use of the ID card.

The campaign will be announced via TV, radio, Internet banners, and stickers on Tallegg and Fazer products.

The awareness campaign of electronic uses of the ID card is implemented within the framework of the European Union structural funds programme „Increasing the awareness of the information society“. The total volume of the programme is 50 million EEK and its activities will take place in 2007–2015.

Topic: Awareness about Information Society, PKI

Added 21.05.2008

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