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Using Windows 10 to access Estonian e-services

Anto Veldre, Analyst at Estonian Information System Authority (RIA), advises Windows 10 users to refrain from using the brand new Edge browser while accessing Estonian e-services, but use browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for the purpose.
Microsoft is expected to make the chip-card interface for its preferred Edge browser available further this year.

Until that milestone, Edge users are able to use m-ID only. It is a relatively new situation on the market when a nation state, due to its famous e-services, is actually assuming the chip-card readiness for every new internet browser, starting from day one.

Veldre said, RIA has good collaboration with Microsoft, thus full e-services support for Edge browser will be available as soon as Microsoft publishes the connectivity modules for Edge.

The solution for authentication is somewhat easier to add to Edge, than the support for legal digital signature that is needed to fully support the Estonian e-services, concluded Veldre.

Added 29.07.2015

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