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Uku Särekanno is the Deputy Director General of the Information System Authority

Uku Särekanno began working as the Director of Cyber Security and as one of the Deputy Directors General of the Information System Authority.

The authority organised a public competition last October to find a director for the Cyber Security Branch. About ten people applied for the position. The Director General of the Information System Authority chose the suitable candidate in early December.

‘There are no state borders or limits of responsibility in the cyber world. We must always do more and look at the bigger picture, which includes technology as well as security-related policy in general. The big picture regarding the internal security of the country that Uku has is definitely one of his strengths – it will help the Information System Authority in making important decisions and setting priorities. I believe that he will bring a fresh point of view as well as stability, good work relations, and motivation to the team so we could ensure cybersecurity as efficiently as possible,’ said Taimar Peterkop, Director General of the Information System Authority.

‘Cybersecurity starts with each computer user, their awareness and willingness to protect their loved ones, assets, and data. The government should be a guide and partner in this process and provide support to everyone that does things online,’ said Uku Särekanno, Director of Cyber Security. ‘The Information System Authority is the flagship in ensuring cybersecurity in Estonia, but it is also clear that security is only created through close cooperation with the private sector, citizens, and foreign partners. The Information System Authority of today has excellent prerequisites, strong technical capability, and the analytical aptitude to do so. It is my job to maintain and develop our achievements as well as to ensure the technical capability, resources, and clear goals that are required for this work,’ Särekanno noted.

Previously, Uku Särekanno has worked at different positions in the European Commission, the Government Office, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led the Public Order and Criminal Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior, and represented Estonia in Brussels regarding issues of migration and police cooperation.

The Cyber Security Branch of the Information System Authority is a unit that develops the strategies and policies of cybersecurity, supervises the implementation of security measures of IT systems used to provide vital services, and coordinates the implementation of information security standards in both the public sector and private companies performing public duties. The branch organises the protection of the infrastructure of critical information and prepares risk analyses. CERT-EE, an operative unit belonging to the branch, handles security incidents, gives warnings to avoid security incidents, and prepares reports regarding the occurring incidents and the spread of malware in the Estonian computer networks.

Topic: Cyber Security

Added 22.01.2018

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