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The Netherlands to develop national cloud computing

Yesterday, the EISA was visited by officials developing the e-State from the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The visitors were greatly interested in the DEC, Mobile ID and the RIHA. The Netherlands are actively engaged in introducing electronic identity. A separate ID card is thereat not essential; attempts are rather made to utilise existing cards such as driving licences.

The EISA was also interested in the planned national cloud computing of the Netherlands: the state is striving for a solution where e-services could be used by both officials and citizens securely with any device regardless of their location. As the result of the meeting, we expressed mutual interest to pilot some cross-border cooperation processes important for both Estonia and the Netherlands as cross-border e-services.

Ron Roozendaal and Kalle Arula

Topic: RIA

Added 25.07.2013

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