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The KülaTee3 programme helped connect rural areas to the Internet

The Estonian Informatics Centre (EIC) announced the successful completion of the KülaTee3 programme, the goal of which was to bring the opportunity of broadband Internet connectivity to the rural areas of Estonia, because earlier the private sector had no interest to offer that service there.

According to Margus Krenin, Manager of the Infrastructure Department of EIC, the full impact of the KülaTee3 programme will be visible after a few years. “In co-operation with county governments and local governments, the EIC has established an opportunity for the people living in areas with low population density to get broadband Internet connectivity. We know that today the Internet has become the “third literacy” and the number of broadband users is growing al the time.”

The primary goal of the programme was to ensure broadband Internet connectivity for 90% of Estonia. Today, an estimated share of 98% of Estonia has been covered with the help of this programme. Still, it must be taken into account that households located in valleys or surrounded by forest may need additional equipment for achieving connection (for example, putting up an antenna on the roof).

During the two years, all 15 counties of Estonia participated in the programme. The total amount of procurements for implementing the connectivity was nearly 22 million EEK, including 18.2 million EEK from the state budget and 3.5 million EEK from the budgets of the local governments.

Presently the situation achieved via the KülaTee3 programme is such that there are providers of broadband connectivity for low-density population areas in every county. Currently there are construction works being finished in five counties.

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Added 07.08.2008

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