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The Estonian Informatics Centre became the Estonian Information System's Authority

Since June 1st 2011, the Estonian Informatics Centre has been re-organised to the Estonian Information System's Authority (EISA). The new authority helps private and public sector's organisations to maintain the security of their information systems, the authority has also the right of supervision.

The Estonian Information System's Authority has 11 main topics. Re-organisation involves mostly two departments dealing with information security. The authority will also have a new purview – supervision.

The Department of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) evaluates the security of information systems in Estonia and carries out risk assessments. Every provider of a vital service in Estonia is responsible for the security of their system. CIIP advises the owners of information systems on how to assess risks and how to protect vital services.

CERT-EE handles security incidents taking place in the .ee domain. The department helps in case Estonian websites or services should fall under cyber attack or if Estonian computers distribute malware. CERT-EE also has the possibility to reverse engineer the malware.

The new area of activity of the authority is supervision of the security of vital services and development of new information systems. EISA will supervise the architecture and maintainance of the vital information systems in public and private sector.

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Added 16.06.2011

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