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The EISA warns against fraud calls in English


Several Estonian residents have received fraud calls in English yesterday and today where the caller claims to be a representative of Microsoft. They are asking for the passwords of the user and/or requesting that certain software be installed in their computer.

The representatives of Microsoft do not call people for such purposes in the U.S. or Estonia. Should something have been installed in your computer as a result of such a fraud call or the caller has been given the passwords of the user, the EISA recommends switching off the computer. Prompt action must then be taken to change all the passwords entered via the infected computer (e-mail, online banking, communication portals, website administration, etc.) in another secure computer. If possible, the EISA recommends leaving the computer switched off as evidence for investigation purposes. The police must be immediately informed of fraudulent conduct.

Topic: Cyber Security, RIA

Added 25.07.2013

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