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Summary of the Estonian Information System's Authority on ensuring cyber security in 2012

Cyberspace is both an ecosystem consisting of an infrastructure and services, and an environment where and through which social relationships and processes similar to those in the common physical world unfold.

Cyberspace is also part of the physical world: many processes and relationships can only exist with the help of information technology and occur in cyberspace such as digital communication, information processing, the storage of information, etc. A long time has passed since information technology was the sole the domain of engineers; rather it has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. All technology users, from CEOs to schoolchildren, must also learn to address the risks and threats associated with IT and the cyber environment.

The level of development, scope and use of cyberspace, including society’s reliance on it, different between countries. Estonia belongs to the group of highly cyber-dependent countries that consider ensuring cyber security a matter of national security and societal welfare. In order to protect the cyber environment, it is necessary to understand risks, recognise threats, and deal with any potential consequences.

The summary (.pdf, 544 KB)

Cyber excercise 'Cyber Europe 2012': participants in Estonia

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