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State Portal eesti.ee is being updated

Updating of the State Portal eesti.ee will start in August, during which it will become much more user-friendly and good-looking.

The main editor of the State Portal, Argo Leetma explains, “The State Portal has grown and developed over the years. It is like a house which has had many sections added over time, repairs done in several rooms and six stories built on the top. It is now high time to look at what we have done to the portal, to make the big building a pretty and usable integral whole. For that we have announced a call for applications to find a suitable partner, who could help us make the portal more user-friendly.”

From March to January 2009, EIC collected feedback about the portal – what the users like, what they expect from it and what are the most complicated parts for users. The most comments were sent about user-friendliness and design. Argo Leetmaa finds that the feedback was fair, “Many years have passed since the user-friendliness of the State Portal was last analyzed, during which the portal multiplied its volume. For example, in June 2008, the portal was visited by 68,000 people; in June 2009 the number was 126,000. At the same time we ask the users for patience, since analyzing such a large portal will take time – according to our plans the State Portal eesti.ee will look better and the information is easier to find next year.”

6,500 people gave feedback on eesti.ee, 570 of whom joined the State Portal development team, which will help test new services in the future. Both the spring 2009 publicity campaign and the enquiry were funded by the SF programme “Increasing awareness of the information society“.

The purpose of the portal is to offer citizens, entrepreneurs and civil servants a possibility to find trustworthy information, contact information and all the available e-services from one safe environment. Every day about 8,000 people visit the State Portal. With the help of the State Portal, it is possible to use about a hundred different public e-services and nearly 300 official e-forms or blanks. The environment also holds over 2,000 different articles and more than 1,500 links.

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Added 23.09.2009

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