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State portal eesti.ee has received a new look

Starting from this week, the state portal has a new and modern look that is convenient to view on all smart devices.

According to Andrus Kaarelson, Director of Information System of the Information System Authority, modernising the state portal was necessary. ‘For about 15 years now, the page representative of the e-state has offered people the chance to get information about the rights and obligations pertaining to the state in one place. The portal has to be aesthetically pleasing, up to date and relevant in terms of information, and easily accessible,’ said Kaarelson. ‘The new appearance certainly makes the page much more user-friendly. In addition, its appearance and technology are much more modern, information can be found faster, and the website adjusts to the display size of the used smart device – mobile phone or tablet. Everything that people are used to is still there but in a more organised and up to date format.’

Next year, this renewed look will also be displayed on the personal page when you are logged in, and once the last stage of the development is completed, using the e-service will be even easier and faster. By logging in once, you can carry out all e-state activities.

According to last year’s statistics, the website eesti.ee was used by more than 470,000 people and on more than 40 million occasions. The most popular search words included the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, prescriptions, sick leave, medical certificate, and parental benefit.

More than 300,000 users have directed the address @eesti.ee to their personal e-mail address and receive notifications from state authorities.

See the renewed portal here: www.eesti.ee.

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Added 20.06.2017

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