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State Portal provides a single digital gateway service which integrates and mediates official information and personalised e-services to both individuals and businesses. provides trustworthy and up-to-date information about administrative procedures of the state, including steps in case of various life events (such as marriage, birth of a child, retirement, etc.) and business events (establishing and financing a company, closure of a company, and others). is a gateway to the e-services of the state, personal information, official e-mail, data tracker, and consent services.

The portal also includes general information about the Republic of Estonia, its national holidays, and contact information of state authorities.


Private person

  • In the portal, you will find the necessary information about all issues concerning the state, such as registering the birth of a child, applying for documents, or starting a company.
  • It contains a wide selection of useful online services. After logging in, you can see your information in various registries, medical prescriptions, data on the certificate of incapacity for work, terms of validity of documents, notarised documents, and an overview of personal real estate and vehicles.
  • In addition, you can use special solutions, such as a data tracker for monitoring who has viewed your information, but also give consent to private companies for checking your data.

Business operator

  • The articles selection of contains information that is necessary for business activities. After logging into the self-service portal, you can use various business services and view the data of your company. The business services can also be used by state officials for various administrative procedures.
  • portal contains information that supports business activities, such as tax details of the company as well as information about reporting and various subsidies and financing options.
  • It offers a wide variety of useful e-services. For example, is the only portal where a company can add information to the certificates of incapacity for work of its employees and approve them. address and notifications

Each person who has an Estonian personal identification code and every company that has an Estonian commercial registry code has their own e-mail address: isikukood [at], registrikood [at]

The e-mail address is a communication channel between the state and individuals or companies, which the state can use for sending notifications and important information.

Only state authorities can send e-mails to isikukood/registrikood [at] e-mail addresses. In order for a citizen to be certain that they receive the notifications sent to e-mail address, they must check whether the e-mail has been redirected to the correct personal e-mail address.


Usage statistics of in 2021

  • 9,223,000 visitors, of whom 51% logged into the portal.
  • The most popular month for visitors was March with 1,100,500 visitors.
  • Approximately 1.5 million notifications were sent to the citizens through the state portal e-mail.
  • 1,349,000 private persons and 98,800 companies have redirected their addresses to their personal e-mail addresses.
  • 1,116,600 individuals and 32,400 companies have activated their mobile phone numbers.

The most popular services for private persons in 2021

  • Viewing personal allowances for temporary incapacity for work
  • Viewing medical prescriptions
  • Viewing the Health Insurance Fund data


Last modified: 13.05.2022

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