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State Portal

The State Portal is an online environment, where public e-services and information about state-related activities can be found. is a secure gate to the e-state, providing reliable and up-to-date information for organising your procedures with the state, access to public e-services and information about yourself, and the mailbox of provides information in Estonian, English, and Russian on what to do in different life events, when communication with the state is required, or for starting a business. provides practical guidance and advice on how to use and find public services. The contact information of ministries, state agencies, local governments, educational institutions, cultural institutions, social welfare institutions, professional associations, etc. is also available on the portal.

The State Portal open on a smartphone



  • can find the necessary information for organising procedures with the state, e.g. on how to register the birth of a child, apply for documents, or start a business.
  • can use the e-services of state institutions, e.g. view prescriptions issued to them and information about their personal vehicle, check the validity of their driver’s licence, apply for parental benefits and family allowances, view their personal data in the Population Register, etc.
  • can use special solutions to forward the e-mail address to a daily e-mail address, sign documents digitally, etc.


can find the necessary information for operating, e.g. on the tax system, employee registration, or areas of activity subject to special requirements.


can find the information required for their work from


Information and e-services

My – access the information about yourself

Logged in users of have an overview of their data in different registries, including their prescriptions, data on the certificate of incapacity for work, and the validity of documents. address and and notifications

Every person with an Estonian personal identification code has an e-mail address registered in the State Portal: first name.surname(n) The e-mail address is intended as a communication channel between the state and the person, where the state can leave messages and information concerning the person. In addition to state authorities, others can also send messages to the e-mail address ‘name.surname(n)’ – these messages will be forwarded to the daily e-mail address and cannot be viewed on the portal. Only state authorities can send messages to the email address ‘personal identification code [at]’.


In order to receive the letters and messages from the state, forward your e-mail address on to your personal e-mail address.

Companies have e-mail addresses in the form of ‘registry code [at]’, where the state can leave messages. The representative of the company can forward the address on to several addresses, for example, several employees, so that significant information would reach everyone. In addition, companies also have the address ‘ [at]’ for free use.

You can also subscribe to text message and e-mail notifications on, e.g. to receive notifications about the expiry of your driver’s licence.


Usage statistics of the State Portal

  • Almost 770,000 visits and on average 394,000 logged-in users per month in 2021.
  • Almost 1,350,000 people and 102,000 entrepreneurs have their address forwarded to a daily e-mail address (May 2021).
  • Almost 1,116,000 people have their mobile number activated (May 2021).
  • Almost a 1.5 million notifications were sent to users using the State Portal in 2021.

The most popular services

  • viewing personal allowances for temporary incapacity for work,
  • viewing personal prescriptions,
  • viewing your Health Insurance Fund data.

The service level of State Portal

State Portal is most frequently used during workdays between 8.30 a.m. and 10 p.m. and on weekends between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

In this context, RIA does not interrupt the services of during this time no more than once a month. We notify our users at least 48 hours before interruptions. We also notify our users of maintenance works that last for longer than 30 minutes and are scheduled outside of working hours.

Please contact the user support of RIA by writing to help [at] if there are any problems.

NB! This level of service applies to as an online environment. The State Portal mediates services provided by many different institutions. The times of maintenance for each service are determined by the respective service provider.

Last modified: 07.01.2022

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