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Proactive government services

The purpose of proactive government services is to make using public services as easy and convenient as possible for an individual.

The Estonian Information Society Development Plan 2020 has targeted the next jump in the development of the quality and user experience of public e-services. So-called invisible and cross-authority event-based services will be developed to make public services as simple and efficient as possible for the user. Individuals must be able to take care of their business with one contact and always automatically, if possible. The user’s intervention should only be necessary if initiated or requested by the state.

The aim is to increase the efficiency of the cooperation between different authorities and to provide to the citizens and businesses (automated) e-governance services which are made available as logically as possible in a more easily accessible, user-friendlier, uniform, and cost-efficient manner. For this purpose, various different single services will be grouped together into one smooth life or business event service. Services are currently being provided to citizens and businesses at the user’s initiation and life event services are fractured for the user.

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    Proactive government services for citizens

    So-called invisible and cross-authority event-based services will be developed for the citizens to make public services as simple and efficient as possible for the user.

    In the event of a citizen, life events include getting married, getting divorced, birth of a child, having the right to drive, being unemployed, etc.

    The aim is to provide the services to the user in the form of a single smooth service and, if possible, proactively and via no more than one click.


    The projects of proactive government services:

    • getting married
    • having the right to drive
    • falling victim to a crime
    • commencement of vocational training
    • dealing with the death of a loved one
    • getting divorced
    • childcare
    • having a baby
    • being involved in a traffic accident
    • retiring
    • owning a vehicle
    • being unemployed
    • loss of capacity for work
    • studying at a general education school

    It is planned to start developing three proactive government services in 2021.

    What could the hierarchy of the circle of life and life events be like:

    What could an proactive government service of having a baby be like:


    Proactive government services for commercial undertakings

    An entrepreneur needs to communicate a lot with the state and fulfil their obligations.

    In the case of an entrepreneur, the so-called life services include starting a business, recruiting an employee, etc.

    The purpose of the event services for commercial undertakings is to show clearly what are the obligations of the commercial undertaking. In the future, commercial undertakings should be able to obtain any information they need from one place. They should also no longer be required to submit the same data to various different authorities, a single submission should suffice.

    The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has announced a public procurement in cooperation with the Information System Authority with the aim of accumulating the information and services required by commercial undertakings in the state portal. The public procurement is being organised to find the analyser of the access rights management system of the companies. Read more under the news of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications ».

    Last modified: 26.07.2021

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