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Development and management of the election information system

The election information system (VIS3) enables registering candidates, determining election results and participation in the elections, and sharing the information with the public.

VIS3 is not directly related to online voting; it is only the external interface of the electronic voting system (EHS). VIS3 is a tool for the organisers of elections and an underlying system for organising elections. It is prepared to support four different types of legally stipulated national elections (parliament, local council, and European Parliament elections and referendums).

Who commissioned the development of VIS3 and who are its users?

The contracting authority for the development and the main user of the system is the State Electoral Office. During national elections, the load on the system will be quite high. There are up to almost 5,000 organisers of the elections (State Electoral Office, polling stations, etc.). Furthermore, the self-service environment of the system will also be actively used by those being elected (political parties, single candidates, election coalitions) and the number of the candidates may vary from one or two to up to 15,000 (local council elections).

The aim of RIA is to ensure constant development of the election information system and a high level of satisfaction of the contracting authority and the users. We also organise the administration and hosting of the information system.


Technical support for online voting

RIA is organising, in cooperation with the State Electoral Office, the process of online voting, providing the hardware and software required for the collection of online votes. RIA is also responsible for the information security of the elections, protecting against potential attacks, and training candidates and campaign teams.

Last modified: 26.07.2021

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