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DigiDoc software

The DigiDoc software allows opening digitally signed documents, checking the validity of signatures, providing digital signatures, and encrypting information. The software supports main operation systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.

The software is updated regularly at least twice per year. Updates are made because of the constant development of environments (operation systems, web browsers, and other support programmes).

More information about the DigiDoc software is available at ». From there, it is also possible to install the software into your computer. More specific issues should be addressed to the ID-card help centre ».

The Information System Authority procures the development of the DigiDoc software from several Estonian IT companies.

Installation of DigiDoc software

The following will be installed into your computer during the installation of the DigiDoc software:

  • ID-card application DigiDoc4 Client,
  • timestamping application TeRa.

In 2018, DigiDoc4, the new ID-card software that combines the former three applications in one utility, was taken into use. This means that only one application will be installed into your computer during the installation of the software. As of June 2018, DigiDoc3 will automatically update into DigiDoc4.

Installation link and more specific instructions: ».


Timestamping application TeRa

The timestamping application TeRa allows adding time stamps to outdating digital signatures (in .ddoc-format).

The addition of a timestamp brings the documents into conformity with current security requirements and ensures that the documents cannot be altered in the future.

Timestamping is quick and easy. Run the application in your computer and it will find all outdating digital signatures (in ddoc-format) from your computer and move them into a new cryptographically secure container. All old files will remain in their original location and new ASIC-S-files that can be opened with DigiDoc3 and DigiDoc4 will appear beside them.

The TeRa desktop application is free of charge for private persons and small enterprises when used within reasonable limits. In the case of larger capacities, a contract must be concluded with a company providing a timestamping service, e.g. with SK ID Solutions.

More information about the TeRa timestamping application is available at ».

Last modified: 28.08.2018

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