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Data Communication in Public Administration (State Network)

RIA provides data communication and internet services to the state authorities and local governments. As an exception, we also provide data communication and internet services to legal persons providing a public service on behalf of the state.

We develop a backbone system and provide the clients of the data communication services also some network services. In addition, we manage the duplicating internet exchange point RTIX and host a root name server.


Backbone system

The backbone provides high-quality data communication between the information systems of state authorities and local governments in Estonia and abroad.

We comply with the following principles in the strategic planning of the backbone:

  • Our priority is ensuring a sufficient capacity and availability of the domestic backbone network so that the information systems of our clients would function without failures.
  • In order to guarantee the high availability of the network, we maintain and develop the network structure in such a manner that the main data communication channels and duplicate backup channels are provided by different service providers. We also make sure that the connections of each city are duplicated.
  • We guarantee internet connectivity with the outside world to the extent necessary for normal professional data use that is sufficiently fast and duplicated.

Value for the client:

  • competitive service fee;
  • personalised services;
  • high-quality and secure data communication.

Network services for the clients of state network


The state network provides domain name server services to its clients. 
In order to use or make changes to the service, we ask the authorised person to e-mail a digitally signed application to help [at] with the domain name and the location of the primary domain name server (if the primary name server is on the premises of the client).

  1. DNS records can be ordered by the person who has been appointed the administrative contact person of the domain or the person who is authorised by an authorisation letter e-mailed to help [at] in advance.
  2. Changes that the client wishes to order are clearly stated in an unambiguous text file which is digitally signed.
  3. The user forwards a digitally signed file (.asice) containing the changes, formatted as an order, to help [at]


RIA provides DNSSEC service to its state network clients. In order to use the service, the state network name server must be the designated the primary domain name server of the client.


RIA offers its clients a precise timekeeping service in the state network by designating the time server of the state network its primary source of correct time.

We use STRATUM 1 NTP servers based on GPS for providing the precise timekeeping service. These are mutually duplicated and positioned in different physical locations.


TESTA (Trans-European Services for Telematics between Administrations) is a secure and reliable data communication service which is used for data communication between the EU institutions and the member states.

TESTA aims to gather all secure data exchange solutions between the EU member states into its network.

Estonia joined the TESTA services in the spring of 2003. Since then, RIA has managed the exchange point of TESTA. We provide access to the TESTA network to our clients based on the data communication network of the state network.

Last modified: 20.07.2022

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