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Data Communication in Public Administration (State Network)

RIA provides data communication and internet services to state agencies and local governments. In exceptional cases, we render these services on behalf of the state also to private institutions providing public services.

The development of Estonian broadband Network for public sector was based on the backbone network ASONet elaborated by the Border Guard Administration, the Customs Board and the Police Board in 1993.

Blue, white and green internet cables


Estonian broadband Network for public sector

The backbone network provides high-speed data communication between the information systems of state and local government authorities as well as communication with other networks in Estonia and abroad.

In the strategic planning of the backbone network, we follow these principles:

  • The priority is to provide sufficient capacity for domestic backbone channels to ensure the smooth operation of the information systems of customers.
  • At least 30% of the backbone network resource is kept in reserve.
  • To ensure the high level of availability of the network, we maintain and develop the network structure so that the main data communication channels and duplicate backup channels would come from different service providers. We will also ensure duplicate connections for each city.
  • Internet connection with foreign countries is provided in such a way that ordinary business data services are fast enough and duplicated.

Value to the customer:

  • We provide a super high-speed connection with other Estonian public data networks.
  • In developing the backbone network, we work closely with other national data network administrators (RIKS, HITSA, SMIT, etc.) to ensure the most efficient use of resources.
Last modified: 26.07.2021

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