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Consent service

The consent service is an e-service developed by the Information System Authority which allows a person to give permission to the state to share their personal data with a certain service provider.

With the consent service, you can allow the transfer of your personal data to companies that offer innovative and personalised services based on personal data. Consents can only be given for the transfer of the data set required for a specific service. After consent has been given, the data held by the state is transferred to the private company that obtained the consent.

By using the consent service, you can decide on the processing of your personal data by choosing third parties who can access your data. The use of the consent service and the giving of consents is always voluntary. Consents can be revoked at any time.

The consent service allows:

  • to give, review, and revoke consents;
  • the data recipient to review the consents given to them for the release of data;
  • the database to check whether consent has been given to the data recipient when issuing personal data.

The consent service has several good features for its users:

  • convenient – consent is always given in one trusted environment, regardless of the service provider;
  • transparent – consents and their usage history are available and managed in one place;
  • safe – consents are stored in a national database with a high level of security.

The consent service is developed and managed by the Information System Authority.

The development of the consent service started in July 2020. The first pilot project started in December 2021.

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Consent service process

  1. The database creates and registers the service it provides on a consent basis.
  2. The company agrees with the database to use the service for a specific purpose.
  3. The person consumes the service of the company, which includes giving consent.

Use of the consent service

A valid strong authentication tool (ID-card, Mobile-ID, or Smart-ID) is required to use the consent service.

Giving consent always starts in the environment of the service provider, from where the person is directed to the state portal » to give consent. After giving or not giving consent, the process continues in the environment of the service provider.

In addition to giving consent, the users can use the state portal to see all given consents, their content, validity periods, and history of use. Consents can be withdrawn at any time in the state portal.

Last modified: 04.01.2022

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