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RIA, Banks and Telcos exercise deterring cyber attacks

At the international cyber defence exercise "Locked Shields 2013", which was organised by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence on 24-25 April, the representatives of the state organisations and private companies practiced deterring cyber attacks in real time. The NATO team was announced as the winner, while the Estonian team was placed second.

Estonian tweet from the exercise on computer screen

Tiit Hallas, Information Security Architect at Swedbank, who headed the Estonian team, emphasised how tense the exercise was. "Thankfully, attacks and unsafe systems like these do not occur on a daily basis in banks, telecommunication companies or the state. The organisers of the game tasked us with defending systems with several dangerous vulnerabilities, so we had our work cut out for us. Revising the systems while constantly responding to attacks was an interesting and useful experience for us all," Hallas noted. "Considering the fact that our team does not work together like this every day, the result of the Estonian team is quite good for its first attempt," he added.

Jaan Priisalu, Director General of Estonian Information System's Authority, emphasised co-operation with the private sector: "Locked Shields is an exercise that allows us to react to an opponent who thinks and acts in real time. While deterring attacks, it is important to co-operate with the representatives of the private sector. We are in close contact with these partners also in these kind of situations in real life. Common exercises for the state and the private sector are a good way of preparing for cyber incidents."

The exercise was directed from the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, while the 10 teams were located all over Europe. More than 250 experts across Europe were involved in the exercise. The scenario of the exercise was fictitious; however, the attacks of the international team and the responses of national defence teams were based on real life experiences.

The participants of Locked Shields included teams from Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Slovakia and NATO. The Estonian team consisted of Swedbank, SEB, Danske Bank, Elion, EMT, Starman, Linxtelecom and the Estonian Information System's Authority.

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