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Parents can learn how to protect their children online

From this week on, it is possible to watch, at http://lapsnetis.eestis.ee, Kalev Pihl’s lecture on the online dangers to children and the parents’ possibilities to help their child navigate online.

Evelin Ilves, who listened to the lecture, says, “Most parents are interested about where and with whom their child spends time with. But today, when Internet sites have become the main meeting points to children, the parents, especially those in Estonia, have lost their care and watchfulness.

The instructor, Kalev Pihl, says lectures like these are necessary to raise the parents’ faith and motivation to grab the reins once again, “The parents who do not have much contact with information technology, can overestimate its power and possibilities and are therefore subject to their children’s manipulations. In addition, the parents must be reminded, that none of us were adult at 10 and could not make decisions at this time – some-why we tend to expect more from our children.“

Evelin Ilves claims it is unnerving that in comparison to the EU averages, the parents in Estonia are among the most indifferent. “But they shouldn’t be. There are as many dangers online as in real life. Even if we do not sense them directly, they are still there. It is better to consider them as early as possible, because online dangers affect out children earlier than the traditional vices – drugs and alcohol. What are the life and manners like online, what the parent must observe, fear and know – all this is covered in Kalev Pihl’s lecture.“

14 companies from both the private and public sectors held a campaign in February and March. It spanned for four weeks and was called “You protect your child in real life. Do it online, too!“. During those four weeks, a TV clip was shown for over 300 times, which reminded the parents that online threats are just as big as those in reall life. To help spread the message, we created the site http://lapsnetis.eesti.ee, which will stay open in the future as well – we will gather important material about internet safety for children and publish it there for both parents and children.

The campaign was funded by the EU programme „Increasing the awareness of the information society", during which campaigns about the country’s informatics systems, the state portal Eesti.ee, the ID-card and much else will be held.

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Added 28.10.2009

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