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The technical capability of will improve

The Information System Authority (RIA) is updating the online framework of the state portal, making the portal more sustainable and increasing its technical capability.

‘We are moving towards a more distributed architecture with an aim to ensure the autonomy of the applications and to increase their reliability. From the perspective of the design of the portal, we have also been aiming to make the overall appearance simpler. Thus, the self-service module (e.g. My Data, the mailbox, the Personal Data Usage Monitor, etc.) and the content information have been placed together in the menu on the left in the logged-in view to make the information easier to find. In the mailbox view, new solutions will be added for the user in the second half of the year, such as the opportunity to sign and encrypt documents,’ said Kaisi Udumäe, Head of

While some of the services of the portal remain on the old platform today, this update marks a step closer to closing the green portal. ‘The aim of the state portal is to create a flexible platform to ensure better integration and interfacing possibilities between various public services and authorities,’ said Udumäe.

At the end of March, RIA redirected the official national mailboxes in to the email addresses of the residents which have been specified in the population register, as a result of which the mailboxes of more than 1.3 million private individuals have now been redirected. The state sent over 1.5 million notifications via the state portal last year. Last year, almost 600,000 unique users logged into the portal.

The development work was conducted in cooperation with Nortal AS.

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31.03.2021 – The Information System Authority (RIA) forwarded the mailbox of the state portal to the e-mail addresses in the population register, as a result of which, almost 1.3 million mailboxes have now been forwarded.


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18.03.2021 – The government approved the proposal of the Minister of Enterprise and Information Technology Andres Sutt to amend the regulation of the Estonian information portal so that from now on, notifications could be sent to people via to the email addresses and telephone numbers specified in the population register as official contact information.