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The state will link a person’s mailbox with their contact information in the population register

The government approved the proposal of the Minister of Enterprise and Information Technology Andres Sutt to amend the regulation of the Estonian information portal so that from now on, notifications could be sent to people via to the email addresses and telephone numbers specified in the population register as official contact information.

‘Until now, the state had the contact information of people in the population register, but did not have the opportunity to forward even vital information to them if they had not redirected the mail sent to their mailbox. With the updated regulation, we will make the redirection of mail automatic so that information such as an invitation to vaccination or a notice of the expiration of a driving licence can reach people more easily and quickly. The vaccination process showed that the previous practice, where a person had to forward the mail sent to their mailbox themselves, did not ensure sufficient operative information exchange. That is why we are now resolving the bottleneck. We will also be applying the principle of asking for data once,’ explained Minister Andres Sutt.

From now on, the state’s notifications will also reach those people who have not redirected the mail sent to their mailbox or have not yet submitted their telephone number in the environment, but whose email address or telephone number is available as an official contact in the population register.

‘As the transmission of information related to vaccination is essential in the conditions of the crisis, we made this change as a matter of urgency, but we will continue to benefit from it in the future. For a person, doing business and communicating with the state will become even easier, and for the state, it will be possible to reach more people with information more quickly,’ the Minister confirmed.

According to Margus Arm, Deputy Director General of the Information System Authority, 434,000 people had redirected the mail sent to their mailbox so far. ‘However, for those people who have not redirected the mail sent to their mailbox and have not activated the notification service via a text message, there is a serious risk that important notifications from the authorities will not arrive at all or quickly enough,’ Arm explained. In his opinion, linking the mailbox to the data entered in the population register is the least burdensome solution for people and also technically fast. ‘After the change, people do not have to redirect the mail sent to their mailbox themselves. However, they should check whether the notifications are sent to an email address that the person is still using.’

The person retains the right to provide other contact details to receive notifications, making appropriate changes to the environment.

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