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State portal invites everyone to be in contact with the country

In January, the Information System Authority (RIA) launched a campaign to introduce the updated state portal and to invite everyone to check if their state mailbox forwards the letters and notifications to the daily used e-mail address.

The head of state portal, Kaisi Udumäe, explained that users are able to see their personal data from the portal, perform necessary procedures for daily life and thus be in more comfortable contact with the state organizations. According to Udumäe, using the portal saves time, while managing and storing documents in digital form is convenient and more economical. “We are continuously increasing the opportunities offered via portal, ” Udumäe said.

"For the state, it is important that people can get all the necessary information and notifications from one place. To do this, one can now use the self-service module when logging in,” Udumäe explained. Basic information related to different categories can be found even without logging in. The use of e-services and personal information can be viewed after personal identification via ID card, Mobile ID or Smart-ID.

From marriage to treatment prescriptions

Everybody is welcome to visit the state portal to see different information related to life events or see their personal information. “For example, if you’re starting a family, you are able to get information and instructions on marriage, registered partnerships, and applying for new documents after changing your name etc,” the head of said. “If you are changing your place of residence, you can find information on registration of residence, including contracts for electricity, water and waste transport, changing your family physician, etc,” Udumäe continued. It is also important to know that the portal provides all the necessary health information.

For youths and for elders

State portal offers services for all age groups. In addition to the above, young people, for example, can see their exam results on the portal or see the information on how to get their first driving licence. In addition, Udumäe also invites the elderly to use the portal, as this generation is using more and more smart devices and internet and might benefit a lot from various possibilities offered in the portal. For example, one can see information and data about treatment prescriptions, vehicle inspections or data related to the property and real estate. Besides, the portal provides all the necessary information related to the pension as well, which has become one of the most searched topics in Estonia due to the pension reform in 2021.

To read more about the possibilities and access your personal information, please visit the state portal All the information can be found in English.

The campaign that introduces the innovations and possibilities of lasts for a month. The information activities of the state portal are implemented from the European Union structural support scheme “Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society '' and funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Seiko Kuik
RIA pressiesindaja
5851 7028

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