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RIA has concluded a Mobile-ID contract for five years

To ensure the continuation of the Mobile-ID service, the Information System Authority (RIA) and the certification service provider SK ID Solutions AS (SK) entered into a five-year contract, which will enter into force on 2 July.

Based on the contract, Mobile-ID will remain in use in its current form, i.e. as a national identification tool. All previously issued Mobile-IDs will remain in force until the end of their five-year period of validity and can still be used for e-services.

Based on the new contract, Mobile-ID will become easier to use. ‘Thanks to the updated solution, the process of applying for a Mobile-ID will become significantly more convenient and faster from 2 July. In less than two months, all operations required for applying can be completed in the self-service environment of a mobile operator. Similarly with Smart-ID, it will be possible to have several Mobile-IDs at the same time in the future,’ said Liisa Lukin, Member of the Management Board of SK.

In addition to the above, a planned amendment to legislation will enable to issue Mobile-IDs to children from the age of seven with the consent of their legal guardians.

According to Joonas Heiter, Director of the State Information System at RIA, parallel use of Mobile-ID and the ID-card is very important to the state, as the availability of several identification tools alleviates risks. ‘If something should happen to one and it can no longer be used, the availability of an alternative will ensure the carefree use of digital services and the possibility to give digital signatures, including in those public services which cannot yet be accessed by using Smart-ID,’ said Heiter.

RIA believes that concluding a new Mobile-ID contract with the current service provider for the next five years is a reasonable choice. ‘We were not looking for a novel solution which simply cannot be developed in six months, as the current Mobile-ID contract will expire on 1 July this year. Negotiations led to agreements which will ensure the continuation of the Mobile-ID service, taking into consideration the expectations of both parties. The unsuccessful Mobile-ID procurement in the end of last year also showed that there is currently no new technological solution offered which would be compatible with the situation of the Estonian e-state without extensive development and which would offer actual added value for the users,’ stated Heiter.

Looking into the future, the RIA has set its sights on the e-wallet or digital wallet, taking into consideration the developments of the electronic identity of the European Union. ‘Technology will change in five years and by that time, there will probably be an innovative solution which can offer more options for the users,’ said Joonas Heiter.

All European Union Member States will be required to take over the new e-wallet solution developed by the European Commission, he added. ‘Estonia is also obligated to implement the solution based on a regulation and we are already working on it at the national level. Keeping in mind this aspect, it would be reasonable to carry on with the current Mobile-ID service until then, making it as convenient as possible for the user, instead of relying on a so-called interim solution,’ stressed Heiter.

In December last year, RIA and the Police and Border Guard Board declared unsuccessful a public procurement to find a new mobile solution and full service provider for Estonia. In the final round, a tender was submitted by a Belgian company which did not meet the expectations of the contracting authority. In the beginning of the year, RIA and its partners were looking for a solution for the situation which would ensure the continuation of the Mobile-ID service after the expiry of the current contract this July.

More than 251,000 Mobile-IDs are currently in use and are used for completing ten million operations every month, on average.

Helen Uldrich
Communication Manager of RIA
516 5258

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