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RIA is celebrating Cyber Security Month

For the eighth year, Europe is celebrating Cyber Security Month in October with the aim of increasing the awareness of the people of the European Union of network security. This year, RIA’s IT campaign is specifically focused on the cyber security of businesses.

‘The Information System Authority (RIA) is celebrating Cyber Security Month in October and would like to call on everyone to pay more attention to their personal cyber hygiene. Cyber security is our shared responsibility and together, we can make the lives of cyber criminals more difficult,’ said Lauri Aasmann, Director of Cyber Security at RIA.

Cyber security means simple things:

  • make sure that you have updates installed on your computer,
  • use different passwords in different places and multi-level authentication,
  • think before you click on links.

Everyone can do these little things and teach their friends and family these skills as well.

Aasmann added that we should also acknowledge all the people who are fighting against cyber crime: ‘We are happy that the Cybercrime Unit of our Central Criminal Police was, in cooperation with Lithuanians and Romanians, able to catch a group of cyber criminals who had been attempting to cheat money out of the people of Estonia for a year and a half. Disappearance of one group of criminals does not, however, mean than we can relax now. Estonian businesses lose money every day as a result of invoicing fraud and other scams, and ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated worldwide.’

Whether you work in an office or from home, move around or always work from one place – you can always help to make your workplace and home network a difficult target for cyber criminals by making sure that your cyber hygiene is good. Think before you click!

European Cyber Security Month is an EU campaign which is organised every October with the aim of increasing awareness of cyber security. The campaign is organised by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the European Commission with the support of the EU Member States and more than 300 partners (governments, universities, think tanks, non-governmental organisations, trade associations, private sector undertakings). The first campaign was organised in 2012. More information about the European Cyber Security Month is available at
Instructions for protecting your company from cyber attacks can be found at

Kertu Kärk
Head of Communications
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