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In order to receive notifications about vaccination, the mail sent to the mailbox must be redirected

Yesterday (04.03.2021), the Estonian Health Insurance Fund started sending information about vaccinations to the 60–69 age group through State Portal mailboxes ( Mail sent to the mailbox in the State Portal must be forwarded to a personal e-mail address to receive this information.

The Health Insurance Fund is testing a new way of inviting people to vaccinate. The piloted solution enables to send notifications about vaccinations to the e-mail address. In order to receive an e-mail that allows picking a suitable time for a vaccination, the recipient must log into the State Portal An ID-card, Smart-ID, or Mobile-ID can be used for accessing the portal. After this, the mail sent to the mailbox must be forwarded to the regular e-mail address. Notifications can also be redirected to the e-mail address of a person close to the recipient.

The goal of sending information in this manner is to reduce the workload of family health centres so they could focus on the most critical issue – the vaccinations. The long-term goal is to use written notifications for informing the entire population of Estonia.

‘This solution is not final. Together with the Health Insurance Fund, we are looking for options to make this vital information available to as many people as possible. One of the possibilities that we are considering would display information about vaccinations in the State Portal even if a person has not forwarded their mail. In other words, if someone logs into the state portal at a later time, they will see information sent to them at an earlier time,’ explained Margus Arm, the Director of State Information System.

Altogether, 430,000 people have redirected the mail sent to their mailbox. According to the data of Statistics Estonia, the age group of people aged 60 and above consists of about 338,000 people in Estonia; about one fifth of them, or 80,000, have forwarded their mailbox.
Those who did not receive a notification can get vaccinated through their family physician or next time when the notifications are sent and the mailbox has been forwarded.

The attachment (851.35 KB, PDF) includes instructions for redirecting mail sent to mailbox.

Seiko Kuik
RIA press officer
seiko.kuik [at]

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