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The new version of the ID card software will change the status of DDOC signatures

On 13th of July, the Information System Authority published the new 2021.06 ID software version which will add a warning about the validity of the signatures given to documents in the DDOC format.

From this new version, the status of the digital signatures given to documents in the DDOC format will be ‘The signature is valid (with a warning)’. The status will be changed, as the DDOC signatures are based on the SHA-1 secure hash algorithm now assessed as weak. Hence, those signatures are not protected from falsification or modification.

The status of the signature will not change in the case of documents signed digitally in the DDOC format and equipped with a time server time stamp before 1 July 2018, as the new time-stamped envelope helps to identify the opening and modification of the old envelope.

Key updates and changes to the ID software (version 2021.06):

  • A change in the status of the signatures in the DDOC format
  • addition of the Apple ARM architecture support
  • addition of the Ubuntu 21.04 ID software support
  • expiry of the macOS 10.13 and Ubuntu 20.10 support
  • updates to components and bug fixes

More information about the amendments to the ID software »

The newest version of the ID software can be downloaded from the following website: ».

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