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Mobile-ID users must update their ID-card software

As of 5 June, the ID-card software DigiDoc4 can be used to sign documents with Mobile-ID only if the user has updated the software.

If your computer does not offer automatic updates for the DigiDoc4 software, download the newest version 4.2.1, published after 8 April, on the website » (direct link »). Users of MacOS will find the DigiDoc4 Client application from the App Store.

Andrus Kaarelson, Director of the State Information System, stressed that the update only concerns people who use the DigiDoc4 software with Mobile-ID. ‘The old DigiDoc4 version is perfectly fine for giving digital signatures with an ID-card. If a Mobile-ID user authenticates themselves and gives a signature through the e-services, then there is nothing extra do be done. In this case, the owner of the e-services is responsible for updates,’ said the spokesperson of the Information System Authority.

Updating the DigiDoc software is necessary because the trust service provider SK ID Solutions will start using a new certificate as of 5 June and this affects all services related to the Mobile-ID support. E-service providers will find additional information concerning the new certificate on the company’s website ». If you update the software now, then the transition from one certificate to another does not affect users at all.

The DigiDoc4 software is installed in more than 600,000 computers and used to give over half a million digital signatures each month.

Seiko Kuik
Press Officer of the Information System Authority
6630 256
5851 7028

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