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Margus Arm appointed as Director of the State Information System

The Director General of the Information System Authority appointed Margus Arm, former Head of the Electronic Identity Department, as the Director of the State Information System.

Margus Arm has been working at the Information System Authority since autumn 2016 and has long-term experience with Estonia’s e-government solutions. In 2002, he was involved in the implementation of the ID-card and since then, he has been working on the development and maintenance of Estonia’s e-services. In 2017, Arm was one of the leading figures of solving the ID-card crisis.

‘For me, the new year presents a new and exciting challenge and gives me the opportunity to contribute to the development of the e-government to a greater extent than before. My aim is to continue the activities that have already been launched and finish them successfully. I can see that the teams of the Information System Authority, as well as all IT centres of the country, could cooperate more closely. Estonia cannot call itself an e-state if our basic services, such as the state network, X-tee, and electronic identity, are not available, accessible, or reliable. The teams of the Information System Authority radiate innovation and I will focus my efforts on implementing their fresh ideas for our benefit,’ said Arm.

According to Margus Noormaa, Director General of the Information System Authority, Margus Arm is a role model because of his values, professionalism, and attitude towards work. ‘He is solution-oriented and in complicated situations, he sees solutions instead of obstacles and issues. He has the knowledge and experience required to manage this broad area, which is crucial for all of Estonia, he always finds an attentive audience, and his opinions affect people. I wish Margus strength, success, and a clear head.’

Margus Arm obtained his master’s degree in business management from EBS; he has also studied entrepreneurship and technology at the master’s level at the University of Tartu. He is participating in the Newton V training programme in 2019/2020. Arm has long-term work experience in the private sector as a team leader at SEB Pank and SK ID Solutions AS.

The Director of the State Information System of the Information System Authority manages the State Information System Branch, which comprises the State Data Exchange Department (X-tee and RIHA), the Electronic Identity Department, the State Portal Department, the State Network Department, the Elections Infosystems Development Department, the Technology Department, and the Service and Process Development Department.

Kertu Kärk
Head of the Communication Department of the Information System Authority
5850 9665

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