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Joonas Heiter will be the Director of the State Information System

As of 1 January, the State Information System Branch of the Information System Authority (RIA) will be led by Joonas Heiter, who has been managing the State Data Exchange Department of the same branch since 2018.

According to Margus Noormaa, Director General of the Information System Authority, Joonas Heiter has proven himself as a good and level-headed leader who can find a solution to any situation. ‘He knows the field of information systems well, he has a good overview of the organisation as a whole as well as of the operations of the branch, including of the functioning of e-governance from a wider perspective. He is well aware of our weaknesses and knows where we can be satisfied with what has been done,’ explained Margus Noormaa.

Joonas Heiter was motivated to apply for the position of the head of the branch by the ambition to take part in the next success stories of the digital state. ‘RIA as a whole is connected to quite a few digital state development projects and our people, processes, and organisation of work are the prerequisites for the success of those projects. I would like to contribute to the success of those developments of e-governance which depend on us and to those developments bringing benefits to everyone who are using the services of e-governance on a daily basis,’ said Heiter.

Joonas Heiter. Ülikonnas tum,edapäine mees sinisel taustal

Before joining RIA in 2018, Joonas Heiter was employed at Elisa Eesti AS, where he led several different teams, including the work of the infrastructure field and radio network planning. He has graduated from the Tallinn University of Technology with a master’s degree in telecommunications and from the University of Tartu in business management.

The Director of the State Information System of the Information System Authority manages the State Information System Branch, which comprises the State Data Exchange Department (X-tee and RIHA), the Electronic Identity Department, the State Portal Department, the State Network Department, the Elections Infosystems Development Department, the Technology Department, and the Customer Experience and Service Department. They also coordinate the work of the Chief IT Architect and Business Architect of RIA.

Margus Arm, who has been managing the Information System Branch so far, will carry on in the public service as the head of the Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre as of 20 December 2021.

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