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The Information System Authority forwarded the State Portal mailboxes

The Information System Authority (RIA) forwarded the mailbox of the state portal to the e-mail addresses in the population register, as a result of which, almost 1.3 million mailboxes have now been forwarded.

On 18 March, the government approved an amendment to the regulation of the state portal, which gave RIA a legal basis to forward the mailbox of the state portal to the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers in the population register. This means that from now on, the state’s notifications will also reach those people who have not redirected the mail sent to their mailbox or have not yet submitted their telephone number in the environment, but whose email address or telephone number is available as an official contact in the population register.

Although mail is automatically redirected for people, information from government agencies may still not reach the right person due to outdated contact information. ‘I encourage everyone to check their contact information. To do this, enter the state portal and check the e-mail address under the settings. In the settings, everyone can also opt out of forwarding the mailbox,’ explained Joonas Heiter, Head of the State Data Exchange Department. Contact information should definitely be kept up to date in the population register, as the data there is also used by other state authorities.

However, Heiter does not recommend opting out of the forwarding service, as this may prevent the person from receiving important information. ‘More and more authorities are joining the notification service of, and for most authorities, it is the main channel for transmitting information.’

The mailbox is used for sending information by, for example, the Tax and Customs Board, the Health Insurance Fund, the Defence League, the Defence Resources Agency, the Transport Administration, the Police and Border Guard Board, various ministries, the Supreme Court, the Unemployment Insurance Fund, etc. More than a million notifications reach people every year through the portal.

Seiko Kuik
RIA press officer

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