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ID-card use unavailable in the new Google Chrome

The operating system Windows 7 does not allow the use of ID-cards in the new version of Google Chrome (version 70).

Yesterday, on 16 October, Google Chrome released a new version, which does not support the electronic usage of ID-cards with an ordinary smartcard reader. This version only supports a PIN-pad smart card reader.

The Information System Authority is aware of the situation and has experts working together with representatives of Google and Microsoft to find a possible solution.

For authentication and signing through your browser, we recommend Internet Explorer, Firefox, or mobile ID.

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Mobile-ID users must update their ID-card software

7.05.2019 – As of 5 June, the ID-card software DigiDoc4 can be used to sign documents with Mobile-ID only if the user has updated the software.


RIA: update your ID-card software today!

4.1.2019 – Starting from January, computer users can only give digital signatures with DigiDoc4, the new ID-card software, which was first made available in July last year. Those who have not yet accepted the update suggested by their computer must update their ID-card software now.