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The future of e-identity will be determined at the eID Forum

Today and tomorrow, the international eID Forum will be held in Tallinn Creative Hub, focusing on the future issues of electronic identity and IT solutions.

Along with many other topics, the agenda includes the vision for the future of electronic identity and technological opportunities, the development of digital health, online voting, and the role of public sector in the development of e-identity.

‘The prerequisites for a good digital society are functional services and the continuous development of new solutions. It took us more than 15 years to provide ourselves with the comforts of an e-state. Where should we head now? The IT world has no borders, including national borders. Therefore, we must be in constant dialogue with our partners outside of Estonia. I am delighted that we can share wisdom and experience with each other during these two days. These meetings are essential for the future of a better digital society,’ said Andrus Kaarelson, Director of Information System of the Information System Authority (RIA).

More than 300 people from the public and private sector who are related to the field, including experts from Estonian public authorities, universities, and the IT private sector will take part in the conference. Representatives of large companies, developers, and scientists from around the world will also take part.

In addition to presentations and debates, there is also an area for expositions where businesses can present their products and digital solutions. For example, there is a virtual map of the Emergency Centre on display and experts will use it to explain how help reaches those who seek it in Estonia. RIA will introduce the ID-card management tools and the IT and Development Centre at the Ministry of the Interior (SMIT) will demonstrate how the e-police system works.

The event is co-hosted by the Information System Authority (RIA) and eIDForum OÜ. More information and the agenda are available on the official website of the event: ».

eID Forum 2018 is co-funded by the EU structural funds support scheme ‘Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society’, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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