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Estonia and Finland to develop the X-road together

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications received a permit from the government to create Estonia's and Finland's joint non-profit foundation to develop the X-road. The NGO will be called Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions.

In 2015 Finland partially introduced the X-road and since then, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Finnish Ministry of Finance have been looking for opportunities to deepen the cooperation for developing the X-road. The best solution turned out to be a two-state joint Intitute.

"Mutual cooperation between information systems' data exchange layers creates prerequisites for the growth of very good cross-border e-services. Today's cooperation with Finland helps to save on development costs and also provides an opportunity to test, how two states can handle the mutual exchange of information between their systems," minister Kristen Michal noted.

The Institute's activities, mainly the development of the X-road is financed by Estonia and Finland equally through membership fee. In State's 2017 budget  1 157 625 euros has been planned for the NGO.

X-road is a data exchange layer in information systems, which allows databases and registries to communicate securely. Almost thousand institutions in Estonia exchange their data through X-road and the "visible part" of it are the services available on portal for example.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

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