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Director General of the Information System Authority: we must make efforts to ensure that the content of the digital state keeps up with its reputation

Today, the Information System Authority (RIA) will organise a conference dedicated to the eighth anniversary of the authority. The topics of discussion include the security and development of electronic identity, the reliability of e-elections, and the challenges of cybersecurity.

According to Margus Noormaa, head of the conference and Director General of RIA, the good reputation of e-Estonia stems from convenient solutions and the great trust placed in it by people. He emphasises that efforts must be made to ensure that the content of the digital state keeps up with its reputation.

‘Our success story can continue only if we construct and improve the systems and pillars of the digital state in a way that makes them actually usable, accessible, and sustainable. If the state is supported by the private sector and vice versa, and if the user has the awareness and skills to behave safely in the cyber world, just as in the physical one,’ Noormaa said.

Other topics discussed at the conference include the development directions and possible risks of means of authentication, such as ID-cards, Mobile-ID, and Smart-ID. In the last debate of the day, experts will also discuss how the government and local companies can lower the risks of falling victim to identity theft, illustrated by the Smart-ID cases that took place in April this year.

Participants of RIA’s annual conference include specialists and heads of areas of both state authorities and private companies. Experts and opinion leaders in their fields will give presentations.

The programme of the conference can be found on the website of the event at

The conference is part of the European Union structural fund support scheme ‘Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society’, which is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Helen Uldrich
Head of the Communication Department
Information System Authority
51 65258

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