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Digital signing is unavailable in the new Safari

Users of operating systems macOS 10.12.6 and 10.13.6 cannot give digital signatures in Safari version 12.0. We recommend Safari users to postpone installing this update for a few weeks.

On 17 September, Apple unveiled a new version of Safari, which no longer supports NPAPI plug-ins. Therefore, digital signing is unavailable in the new Safari for the users of macOS versions 10.12.6 and 10.13.6.

We are aware of the problem and are working on a solution. We hope to release a new extension for Safari within 2–3 weeks and we recommend that you postpone installing the new Safari until the extension is available.

If Safari version 12.0 is already installed on your computer, we recommend using Google Chrome and Firefox browsers or mobile-ID for signing.

You can also give digital signatures on your computer using the applications DigiDoc3 or DigiDoc4. Upgrading your web browser will not affect their work.

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