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Are you ready for convenient and carefree e-voting?

E-voting lasts from 11 to 16 October. If you wish to e-vote, you must check the certificates of your ID-card or mobile-ID and use the latest software.

E-voting is a convenient option for those people who do not want to or cannot go to the polling station.

Tekst: Lase oma e-häälel kõlada viperusteta. Joonistatud kolm laulvat inimest. All nurgas Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi logo.

E-voting requires:

  • an ID-card, a digital ID, or a Mobile-ID with valid certificates (validity can be checked with the ID-card software DigiDoc4 client) and their PIN codes (PIN1 and PIN2);
  • a computer connected to the Internet and an ID-card reader (if the computer does not have a reader);
  • the latest ID-card software. The newest software is available on the website ». Select ‘Install ID-software’ from the menu;
  • the voter application which can be downloaded from the election website ». The application will be uploaded on the first day of e-voting, i.e. on 11 October.

Tips for secure voting:

  • when using a shared computer, make sure you are signed out of all the environments you visit and sign in to;
  • keep your computer and smart device software up to date and use antivirus software;
  • do not leave your ID-card or Mobile-ID PINs unattended or share your passwords with strangers.

Until the end of e-voting, you can change your choice by e-voting again. You can also change your e-vote by voting at the polling station on election day. If the voter has participated in the elections both electronically and by paper ballot, the choice made at the polling station will be counted.

Only a computer can be used for e-voting, it is not yet possible with a smart device. It is also not possible to use Smart-ID to vote. In case of questions during the e-voting period from 11–16 October, write to abi [at] In addition, an election information telephone number 631 6633 is open every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the elections.

For more information on e-voting, see the election website », including the section ‘Frequently asked questions’.

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