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Andrus Kaarelson, the Director of the State Information System at RIA, is returning to the private sector

Andrus Kaarelson, the Director of the State Information System at the Information System Authority (RIA), is leaving RIA at the end of this year and returning to work in the private sector.  

‘I am sincerely grateful to my colleagues, good partners, and clients at RIA, with whom I managed to move mountains on the landscape of the state’s IT field over the past almost three years. I was fortunate to be a part of a number of great teams, with whom we launched services important for people, as well as for public sector institutions,’ said Andrus Kaarelson.

‘Thanks to the joint efforts of these teams and great cooperation with our partners, the people of Estonia are able to enjoy the renewed state portal and a new ID-card, as well as central authentication and signing services. This spring, in cooperation with the State Electoral Office, we organised two secure e-elections. I am pleased that we have begun developing a new electoral information system, and that we are also well on the way in the process of modernising the state network. In addition, both the new distributed RIHA (management system of the state information system) and an innovative authorisation service are in the prototype phase, with the potential to become the next ‘big thing’ in the state’s IT industry and be one of the driving forces for the development of Estonia as a data-driven economy in the next decade,’ Kaarelson added.  

According to Margus Noormaa, the Director General of RIA, Andrus Kaarelson has been a very good manager for the State Information System: ‘Under his leadership, RIA has accomplished many important things, such as launching the modernising of the state network, renewing the information system departments, improving the organisation of work, realising the strategic objectives of the State Information System, and more. I thank Andrus wholeheartedly for his work at RIA and wish him nothing but success at his new job! ’

Seiko Kuik
Press Officer of the Information System Authority
5851 7028

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