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On 1 June, the structural assistance services of RIA were transferred to the State Shared Service Centre

On 1 June 2021, the Information System Authority transferred to the State Shared Service Centre (SSSC) the functions of the implementing entity of the structural assistance of the European Union. This means that grants for the development of the information society can now be applied for through the SSSC.

The transfer of the support service is part of the state reform implementation plan, which plans for the transition to a single implementation service of grants with the aim of making public administration more efficient, minimising duplication, saving costs, and improving the quality of support services.

According to Martin Karro, Deputy Director General of the State Shared Service Centre, the change is taking place so that funding from the EU could be used more efficiently. 'We are creating a unified implementation system which will make the implementation of support funds faster and cheaper. The fragmentation of the implementation system must be reduced to maximise the positive impact of structural funds on Estonia,’ explained Karro.

The transfer of support services from one institution to another will not lead to major changes for the current beneficiaries of the Information System Authority. Specialists who provided the support services in the field of information society will also join the SSSC and, therefore, the contact persons will remain the same for many beneficiaries.

The amount of support from the European Union structural funds to be added to the SSSC is 192 million euros, of which almost 63% has been paid out so far. This means that as of 1 June, SSSC will implement a total of 2.68 billion euros of EU structural funds, i.e. approximately 72% of all structural funds in Estonia. More information about the grants transferred from RIA to the SSSC is available on the website of the SSSC ».

Press release of the State Shared Service Centre of 31 May 2021

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