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News in October

Programme to raise public awareness

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has approved a programme called Raising Awareness about the Information Society to be funded from the EU Structural Funds. The general objective of the programme is to raise public awareness about the possibilities of the information society, contributing thereby to the development of a society that supports the life and activities of its people. The programme will be implemented in 2007-2013 with a total budget of 50 million kroons. Responsibility for the implementation of the programme will be vested in the Estonian Informatics Centre.

Software for ID-card

The Estonian Informatics Centre has launched a tender for the development of the basic software for the ID card and digital signature. As a result of the tender, the existing software will be updated and official ID card basic software will be ensured for less common operation systems and web browsers. The ID card software will be included in the installation package for most widespread Linux versions. Furthermore, full functioning of the software will be ensured despite any changes to be made in operation systems, browsers.

Information Society Strategy

Another Informatics Council’s meeting has been held in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. The Council – an advisory committee to the Government of the Republic – approved the two-year Implementation Plan for the Estonian Information Society Strategy and suggested that the minister of economic affairs and communications should submit it to the Government of the Republic. The priorities of the Implementation Plan include the development of citizen-centred and inclusive society as well as advancement of knowledge-based economy.

Full transition to strong authentication measures was also agreed upon by the council. In essence, this means the renunciation of the insecure system of user names/passwords and wide implementation of secure ID card or mobile-ID based solutions.

Topic: PKI

Added 28.08.2008

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