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New initiative - SMS texting scheme

Estonia is preparing to use SMS tool as a powerful and convenient way to communicate. The SMS project is already the second project aiming to establish a direct electronic communication channel from government offices to citizens. The first one was establishing “official e-mail forwarding address” for every resident of Estonia. As the next step, people will have an opportunity to choose a preferred medium for communicating with the government.

We predict that people will want to get informed in time about tax payments deadlines, expiration of passport or car driver licenses. We have been using similar SMS service for 2 years to notify students about their high school final test results and this service turned out to be very popular among students.

In 2005, 42,729 persons looked up their results for their finals in the eCitizen portal. 3,311 of them ordered the information to be sent to their mailbox for a total of 9,836 times, and 9,753 ordered it to be sent though SMS for a total of 27,299 times. 70% of last year’s school graduates looked up their results from eCitizen portal. In relation to 2004, the figures have grown – we had 10,000 individuals more.

The services will be available as unified services on governmental service bus infrastructure called X-road, and every office will be able to integrate SMS interface with existing information systems or to use web interface of government portal. The pilot and actual service will be launched in the second quarter of 2006.

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Added 23.03.2006

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